More often than others, the battery becomes the foremost reason for people’s ire in a mobile phone’s performance. However, the battery may not be the culprit. It is purely how the device has been set up for use. A change in the device default settings and App permissions can set the tone otherwise. A simple experiment to test the same is by putting the mobile device on Airplane mode while retiring for the day. It will show a minimal percentage use when turning it back off the next morning.

After witnessing a monumental change in the last 5 years as to how the mobile phones are being shipped with third party software pre-installed (Android based devices being the major contributors) as a part of the original equipment, the consumer is actually at a loss for not being able to figure out what is actually required and what is not. A higher battery capacity is marked loud and bang as a plus narrative in any outreach campaign, however a few amendments here and there is the only change required in your mobile phone.

Location services and background app refresh are the two major reasons for continuous battery drain-out and if monitored properly can have a considerable impact on device’s battery performance. And with the advent of wearable devices & in-vehicle infotainment, the Bluetooth feature remaining constantly on, also is a major reason. So before making a shift towards buying a mobile phone with higher battery capacity, a simple change in the usage pattern and limiting the device permissions to a bare minimum may just solve the problem.