Facebook, which started as an online directory for students at Harvard University, is the largest social media platform in the world today. As one of the most popular medium for creating, consuming & sharing user-generated content; Facebook is used by people of all age groups, everywhere. Signing up on FB is a simple process and requires an email address and a password to get going.

When a user signs up on FB, there are quite a few settings that need to be checked individually for a safer browsing experience and to stay away from any form of cyber menace. Once logged into FB, either through a browser or through its App, one needs to look for the Settings Tab & click on it.

On the next page/screen, under Security, click on Apps & Websites,

On the next screen, click Logged in with Facebook. Here one gets to see lists under columns: Active Expired Removed

It is recommended to have none under Active or ones that the user may feel necessary.
Back on Apps and Websites screen, under Games and app notifications, ensure it selected to No.

Now back to the Settings screen, scroll down to Privacy and click Privacy Settings. Over here, the users once again should have selections as per their own choice rather than leaving them on pre-selected ones. Preferably, it should be limited to either You or Friends. The selection of leaving it on Public should be avoided.

Now back to the Settings screen, scroll down to Face Recognition & under it, have the selection as No.

Again back to the Settings screen, scroll to Your Facebook information & click Off-Facebook activity. A password prompt may appear here to proceed further. Once done, on the next screen, scroll down to More options & then Manage Future Activity, then click the blue button at the bottom Manage Future Activity & unselect Future off-Facebook activity.

Then browse back to Settings screen & scroll down to Ad preferences. On the next screen, click Your information. Here again, it is advisable to have all the options unselected.

Then back to the previous screen, click Ad Settings. On the next screen, click Ads based on data from partners. At the bottom of the screen, click Continue and opt for selection Not allowed and then at the bottom of the screen, click SAVE.

Once again, go back to Ad Settings screen & click Ads based on your activity on Facebook Company Products that you see elsewhere. On the next screen, scroll till the bottom & select No.

Having the device set to the aforementioned user settings, should limit the experience to be a non-intrusive one, yet it may not completely assure the same, despite making the available amendments.