With an average individual carrying more than one mobile device, its time to make the shift from standard to custom install. Be it a software or an App, users should be wary of the over exposure of the vast amount of information that becomes available, the moment a new App finds space in the device storage.


The data did not become big overnight. A careful observation could easily lead one to find out how not smartly but easily more and more data is being captured via a user’s device, irrespective of the fact whether the device is in active mode. Late entrants from the manufacturer side also seem to have jumped on the band wagon to cash in on the opportunity in the market overt.


Data in most cases is more about a past occurrence rather than a future action; hence its interpretation could be different for different individuals. The need to keep the devices secure today is more than ever, as more and more financial transactions are mobile first. Smart devices are only as smart as they are allowed to. Allowing access to features of the device without understanding the risks can have serious repercussions, so it becomes imperative to always select custom installation wherever offered. A deep dive into the device permissions section gives one a clear idea of what’s happening in the back ground. In order to ensure safety and security, checking and un-checking of options should be carefully selected. What these files end up doing is simply unimaginable.