One of the most pertinent problems users face throughout the world is the presence of ADs on their mobile phones. From Norway to New Zealand, from Beijing to Botswana, the ones affected are everywhere. The issue seems to emanate from various settings that are left unaddressed in mobile devices. Also, specific to Android devices, there may be one particular setting related to App data being shared across multiple Apps. There are two levels of Settings that need a check on. The first is the Device-based setting and the second is the operating system (OS) based setting.

Users of Apple iPhones may face fewer challenges as compared to Android-based phones as certain settings are native only to Android ones. The easiest way of restricting the ADs that may show up is by frequently checking the Settings of your phone.

For iPhone users:
-Go into Settings, then Privacy and at the bottom into Advertising. Make sure that Limit Ad Tracking is set to On. And then click Reset Advertising Identifier.

-Back under Settings, then at the bottom into Analytics & Improvements, make sure all the options are set to Off.

For Android phone users:
-Under Settings, check under Additional settings, then Privacy, then Device ID and Resetting device ID. Further, ensure that Allow using device ID is set to Off.

-Back under Privacy Screen, under Device ID for personalized recommendations; ensure all the listed Apps are selected to Off.

-Further under Privacy Screen, the User Experience Program should be set to Off.

-Under Ad services, Personalized ad recommendations, should be set to Off.

Once all the above has been implemented, then into Phone Settings, scroll up to System Settings and then Under Google, into Ads, ensure Opt out of Ads Personalization is turned On.

Also, push Reset advertising ID and then ok. (This step to be done frequently)

All the above should limit or restrict the ADs display on one’s device. It is better to have these settings checked every time one installs a new App in the phone. Regular screening should ensure a better device usage experience.