Ever wondered how the optimal settings of an iPhone could be set. iPhone is one of the most widely used mobile phones in the world and for reasons that remain unique to the device. Launched in the year 2007 and having gone through the most innovative changes both in design as well as features, it remains a most sought after mobile phone till-date. It has a very easy to use interface and hardware that never goes down. Though it has been designed to run at an optimum level, still a little change in device settings further enhances the user experience. A few options that should be looked into are Notifications, Background App Refresh, Location Services, and iTunes & App Store. Here is the way to set the iPhone to the most viable settings.

-For Notifications, (found under Settings), only that what is required should be kept On under the list of Apps and Services.

-For Background App Refresh (found under Settings and then General), only select options should be given access.

-For Location Services (found under Settings and then Privacy), allow only the ones that are used on a daily basis. Ideally, the access should be left on While Using for even the daily need ones.

-For iTunes & App Store (found under Settings), the Automatic Downloads for Music, Apps & App Updates should be left as Off, Video Auto-play should also as Off.

-Further under Settings and then Privacy, for Analytics & Improvements, all options should be turned Off.

All the above are recommended settings and could be altered as per a user’s personal preference. By having those in a controlled manner will optimize the available resources and improve the overall device functionality.